Angura Kei

Angura Kei: Traditionalism and Modernity Musical

The first part of Visual Kei to know better is the Angura Kei. The term means "undergroud". These bands are influenced by the Japanese culture, especially traditional or archaic. They avoid foreign influences and adopt a simple visual with Japanese costumes, like kimono.

The Angura Kei is mainly based on the coexistence of traditionalism of feudal Japan with the modernity of today. This musical style mixes music with traditional musical instruments of Japanese culture with contemporary rock or punk, maintaining tradition amidst the modernity of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

The makeup is usually in black and white tones. The main objective of Angura Kei bands is to create something as much Japanese as possible, with minimal foreign influence. It has its origin in the cultural movement of the 60s entitled Angura, which consisted of alternative artistic expressions and little media exposure performed in Japanese theaters as a counterculture, opposing the US cultural invasion that began after the Second World War.

Many are adept bands Angura Kei, as well as their musical hits. To cite some successes, there are "千本桜"  by Wagakki Band; "Castle In The Sky" by Orochi; "Utakata" by Kagrra; "Honto Honto ni ni Gokurosan" by Inugami Circus-Dan; " 天 照" by Kiryu; "青天の三日月", by Onmyoza e "悲哀" by Zin.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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