Anime and Music


Anime and Music

Japanese music has always been very popular, especially in Asia, and even if you never have been devoted to know it better, certainly their music plays in your ear every time someone touches the subject. Small characters and large eyes to the sound of traditional or electronic beats. Well... Forget all these stereotypical views and prepare yourself for the real Japan.

To fans of anime, manga, tokusatsus and other elements of Japanese pop culture - known as Otakus - Japanese music is not only sung, but it is also instrumental. A practice that owes much to Japanese culture's famous karaoke. With this, it is very common for Japanese songs always to be accompanied with their instrumental versions.

The anime, Japanese animation, is one of the main diffusers of this type of music. Always having famous soundtracks among fans, especially the opening and ending songs, the anime singles and soundtracks often have instrumental versions of the main songs.

Like, "名前のない怪物" from Psycho-Pass or "美しき 残酷 世界" and "Starting Line" from Attack on Titan. So even if you think Japanese is a hard language... Think again and start listening and singing to the sound of instrumental music from your favorite anime and you will learn to love a new style of music.


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