Beyond the Veil of Classical Music

Beyond the Veil of Classical Music

Is classical music alive today? There are groups or instrumentalists that keep alive the so-called "classical music."  Not just traditional musicians, but contemporary musicians that combine classical music to pop, rock, and electronic music.

Have you thought about listening to "Moonlight Sonata" in rock? Dance "Ma Dove Sei" in techno? Relaxing in the chair while listening to the violin, piano and cello mixed with techno pop? Now all this is possible and the result is better than you think.

The Piano Guys, violists Lindsey Sterling and David Garrett are successful on YouTube and elsewhere. They sellout show, causing admiration and inspiration where their music is present. Merging classical music to the current electronic music, as well as doing cover of movie soundtracks and games, these classic musicians give a new face to classical music and attract a new audience of admirers to the Fine Arts.

If you have never heard this mix of classical and contemporary music, take a chance, you will not regret it...

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen Karen K. Kremer

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