Black & White: Kote Kei

Black & White: Kote Kei

Continuing our series of posts on the Japanese musical movement Kei, the subgenre of visual kei this time is the Kote Kei (コ テ 系) in Japanese means 'main style' or 'flagship' style. It was one of the musical precursors of Kei Movement, one of the first genres to enter the Japanese musical mainstream scene.

Singers with colored hair of all shapes and sizes, extremely worked clothes and performances influenced by theatrical art and music. The Kote Kei is divided into two other subgroups: Kuro Kei, the dark side and Shiro Kei, the white side.

Kuro Kei bands are giving more emphasis on music and use an obscure and simple visual as black social clothes. Bands and hits of this genre are "Re: plica" by Dué le Quartz, "Hypnosis" by Shiver, "Level E" by NéiL and "Flowers" by NOi'X.

Shiro Kei is the opposite, are bands that give emphasis on the theatrical aspect and have a more festive and worked look, the main mentor of this style is the band Malice Mizer and one of his greatest hits is "Beast of Blood", other bands and music the genre is "Suicide" by Alienate Ma'riage and "Eternal Silence" by Phantasmagoria.

So, which of these genres you are adept? Black or white?

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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