Call the Doctor! Emergency of Iryou Kei!

Call the Doctor! Emergency of Iryou Kei!

You are in a Visual Kei rock show in Japan and suddenly the band appears all full of gauze strips, bandages, eye patch and bloodstains? Calm, calm, calm.

They are not hurt. It's just the Iryou Kei.

The Iryou Kei is a genre of Visual Kei with appearance that refers to medical atmosphere, like hospital suits, gauze, nurse or medical suits, eye bandages and surgical equipment. Yes, it's scary. The genre is based on horror works of literature and film that take place in almost haunted hospital environments.

As might be expected, the musical compositions of Iryou Kei are obscure and refer to dark and humid places, usually accompanied by a chorus of voices. The lyrics are extremely melancholic, mostly on the subject of loneliness and the corruption of the soul. No, these bands do not sing about gruesome things, despite the sad tone, the letters have romantic connotations, but of lost loves.

The main bands and hits of Iryou Kei are "Nocturnal Romance" and "Pessimiste" by Moi-dix-Mois, "Beast of Blood" and "Garnet" by Malice Mizer, "Torikago" and "Sepia" by Pierrot and "Sweet Enemy" and "Knife" by La'Mule.

How about leaving Iryou Kei make a musical surgery in your ears?

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

Karen K. Kremer

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