DJs: the Instrumental Music of Century XXI


Previously restricted to certain spaces of sociability that includes electronic music, the DJs came out of the shadows of clubs and young and teenage parties to take the tops of music charts around the world, winning a new audience of fans and giving a new face to instrumental music of the XXI century.

In this contemporary time, DJs not only remix famous songs, but they have become music producers with his own compositions. Initially focusing on the remix of music known to the public, as soon, remixes have become more famous and played among fans as the original songs, creating a new type of instrumental musician.

The Swedish DJ Avicii accumulates career hits as "Levels", "Hey Brother" and "Waiting For Love". The French David Guetta is in all over the radio of the world with "Titanium". The Dutch DJ Tiësto is a reference in electronic and unforgettable music with "Olympic Flame". And these are just a few, the number of DJs grows every day as well as the interest in electronic music.

The success of this musical genre reflects the new music scene, opting increasingly for electronic sounds and modern beats, but at the same time has transformed and reinvented classics, bringing to 2015 songs from the 70s and 80s.

Contemporary history goes through a process of reinterpretation of classic songs using the new modern features, rescuing the old through the new.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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