Eroguro Kei: Decadence and Horror

Eroguro Kei: Decadence and Horror

We already know the Angura Kei, Kote Kei and Kurofuku Kei, this post will introduce you to one of the darkest styles of Japanese musical movement Visual Kei, the Eroguro Kei.

Adaptation to the Japanese of the English words 'ero' of "erotic" and  'guro'' of "grotesque", the Eroguro Kei has its roots in the movement Eroguro Nonsense, Japanese artistic and literary movement between years 1920-1930, which focused on human decadence, sexual corruption and violence. The art of Eroguro Nonsense was very influenced by Japan's situation in World War I, so much of its illustrations and speeches refer to torture, death and the grotesque.

The look of Eguro Kei is composed of pale skin, black shadows, bizarre contact lenses and paintings on the skin that resemble injuries. The clothing includes both ordinary clothes stained with artificial blood as something more elaborate like straitjackets. The lyrics talk about the sexual decadence, shocking horror and sadistic mood.

Bands and main genre hits are "Sinner" and "Sorrow" by Deathgaze, "Belial" and "Muen" by The Gallo, "Maguro" and "マ グ ロ" by Cali Gari. This musical genre complaint of contemporary reversal values and quips aspects of today's society as immorality and bizarre sexuality. Eroguro Kei is terror itself in musical version.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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