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Certainly 2015 was the year of independent games and in this new year, better indie games are expected. For an indie game to be successful not just good in the charts, interesting story and simplified gameplay, an essential element is the soundtrack, and many of these games have given us a chance to hear true masterpieces in the past year!

So let's list a few games whose soundtrack deserves to be heard by any fan of music. To the Moon, RPG by Freebird Games account with R. Gao music to give all the emotional and sentimental tone of a story full of fantasy and reflection. Dear Esther, from The Chinese Room has Jessica Curry's music to acclimatize the experience of exploring a deserted island as we found letters from a woman named Esther. Journey, produced by Thatgamecompany has Austin Wintory music as we travel through the wilderness and, the acclaimed indie game Ori and the Blind Forest, produced by Moon Studios, gives us a sublime experience to the sound of Gareth Coker, telling the story of a young orphan who do the impossible to save the Nibel forest, his home.

With songs that take us from the full adrenaline and mystery to the thrill and apprehension, indie games have become an important source of great composers yet unknown of the mainstream media. It pays to know the work of these musicians as fabulous as any famous composer on industry.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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