Keep Calm and call Soft Visual Kei

Keep Calm and call Soft Visual Kei

With the name of the Visual Kei of this time is not hard to guess what it is Soft Visual Kei, is not it? As the naming suggests itself is a less aggressive aesthetics and style musically.

The Soft Visual Kei (ソフト・ヴィジュアル系) is a subgenre that emerged in the 90s, side by side with the pioneer of Japanese musical movement Visual Kei, the Kote Kei. As we saw in previous posts, the Kote Kei is subdivided into two categories, Kuro Kei, the dark side and Shiro Kei, the white side. 

Soft Visual Kei is a result of the deepening of the light and festive style of Shiro Kei, however, unlike its original genre, Soft Visual Kei does not focus solely on theatrical and visual appearance, usually composed of white clothes or light colors, but also musical. Taking the experience of joy and lightness to the songs.

The subgenus was also mainstream on Japanese music industry, but began to disappear along with the Kote Kei in early 2000. The main exponents were the bands Siam Shade, Janne Da Arc and Sophia.

Unforgettable genre songs are "Life" and "Dreams" by Siam Shade, "Gekkouka" and "Feel the Wind" by Janne Da Arc and "Strawberry & Lion" and "Hard Worker" by Sophia. Time to get up from the sofa, sing and dance to the Soft Visual Kei!

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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