Korean Music: Trot

The trot is the oldest musical style in South Korea, derived from the Japanese enka during the Japanese occupation in Korean land in the 2nd World War, its name comes from the dance hall called foxtrot, which has the same kind of simple and lively beat.

Described as a traditional musical style South Korean, the trot is based on two rhythmic beats or a double rhythmic beat, with seven to five syllabic stanzas and a unique vocal style called Gagok.

Unfortunately, the popularity of trot declined seriously in the 90s with the arrival of Korean pop music combined with stage choreography. However, the old musical style survived and made his comeback in the 2000s through groups and popular singers of South Korea as LPG, Super Junior (Super Junior T), Epik High and DaeSung (Big Bang) that launched sung work in trot style, in order to preserve this traditional music style.

The song "Rokkugo" launched in 2007 (and in 2008 in the Japanese version) by the male group Super Junior, subgroup Super Junior T opened the door for the resurgence of trot. After that came "트로트 (Trot)" from indie hip-hop group Epik

High; "Cotton Candy" by the member of the boy group Big Bang, Daesung; "King of Sales" of rock band Norazo and many other songs and albums on the trot style produced by groups and contemporary singers.

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