Kotevi Kei

Indie Visual Kei: Kotevi Kei

In recent months we did a great tour on the main genres within the Japanese musical movement Visual Kei, however, now is the turn of Kotevi Kei, an indie strand within Visual Kei, unlike the mainstream genres we know in past posts.

Prominent genre in the 1990s, Kotevi Kei acts in the indie scene Visual Kei with more emphasis on stage performance than the musical. The genre was originated in the city of Osaka and was successful at the same time that the Soft Visual Kei - we will know next month.

Within the Kotevi Kei there is also a division between Kuro Kei and Shiro Kei. Kuro Kei is characterized by a heavier and dark sound attached to heavier and dark clothes and makeup. The Shiro Kei is the opposite, has a lighter and harmonious sound.

Great Kotevi Kei artists are "Wings Flap," "Seventh Heaven" and "Flower" by L'arc en Ciel. "Uroko" "Obscure" and "Unraveling" by Dir en Grey. "Lucifer" and "Missantroop" by Madeth Gray'll. 

For those who like indie music scene, the Kotevi Kei is an option in Visual Kei for those who support independent bands and stays away from the musical mainstream.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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