Kurofuku Kei

80s Visual Kei: Kurofuku Kei

Gender Kurofuku Kei (黒 服 系) means 'black clothes style' and is the visual kei that marked the dark musical style and black genre in the following years in Japan. This music genre is responsible for the striking aesthetics of Kei Movement, being a fundamental part of all genres this musical current.

The Kurofuku Kei was the first manifestation of visual kei in the late 80s and came to the early 90s. A musical aspect very influenced by British post-punk and death rock American, both from the late 70s, and after punk rock peak on the world music scene.

Visual Kei bands of Kurofuku Kei consists of black clothes, big hair and dark and feminine makeup. The lyrics are marked by gothic themes like morbidity, sorrow and insanity.

Luna Sea was the forerunner of the genre and some of their main songs are "Rosier", "True Blue" and "Storm". Other bands and successes of Kurofuku Kei are "Funeral Procession" and "Nocturne" by Die en Cries, "Dreamin '" and "Justy" by Boowy, "Cry Heart" and "Light & Shadow" by Silver Rose and the successes, part even of the soundtrack of the acclaimed game series Final Fantasy, Gackt with the hits "Redemption" and "Longing".

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