Lindsey Stirling, from Cover to Professional Career


Lindsey Stirling, from Cover to Professional Career  

Ah, covers! Those people - professionals or not... - singing their favorite songs with their own style. Big stars of the music world – like Shakira, Maroon 5, Big Bang and Taylor Swift - tend to have their songs sung in various genres and have all types of fans. However, do you know that cover not only refers to singing music?

There Cover (songs sung), Cover Dance (do choreography - very popular with Korean music fans) and the Instrumental Cover (as the name implies, instrumentally playing a song). I introduces to you the American violinist Lindsey Stirling.  

With millions of hits on her YouTube channel, Lindsey Stirling started her career making instrumental covers of the greatest hits of the moment. From this work came her fan base, which opened the doors to her become a professional in the music industry.  

Today, the American violinist has a great career with dozens of original songs and especially soundtracks games. "Zelda Violin Duet" has more than 7 million hits, "Halo Theme" more than 12 million visits, "Assassin's Creed III" with over 22 million views and "Skyrim" has overwhelming 49 million views!  

Stirling shows that often the love for our idols can open our eyes to something that can become our profession.  

How about starting with a cover of your favorite song?  

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

Karen K. Kremer

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