New Age of Instrumental Music

Hans Zimmer and the New Age of Instrumental Music

Surely, you are familiar with the great composers Hans Zimmer and his masterpieces. Trembling with fear as you hear "The Imperial March" from Star Wars, and "Superman Theme", work out and fight with "Eye of the Tiger" from Rocky or the exciting adventures of the "Indiana Jones Theme".  You must have been dazzled  by "Dream is Collapsing" from the soundtrack of the film "Inception."

The melancholy sounds of the German composer's songs have gained new life through "Dream is Collapsing".  The sounds are dramatic and disturbing, like in The Dark Knight Trilogy, especially for Joker and Bane characters. Hans Zimmer arrived with an apparently common music, but that changed instrumental music forever...

The different beat of "Dream is Collapsing” together with the deep and immersive scenes of "Inception" brought the listener into a new set of emotions and sensations. A new kind of music, a new kind of feeling. Really a dream into a dream. An augmented reality.

Strong beats, paused beats and dramatic sounds raise the soundtracks to another level of music. The sound of music "Dream is Collapsing" has been reproduced countless times, whether in movies, series or games. Hans Zimmer brought about a new era of instrumental music.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen


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