Oshare & Kotevi: Koteosa Kei

Oshare & Kotevi: Koteosa Kei

Do you remember our conversation about Oshare Kei and Kotevi Kei? Well then, it is time to remember the lesson because today the genre is a fusion of these two styles. Genre very recent and very popular in Visual Kei, the Koteosa Kei turned success since 2005, as main influence the Oshare Kei and Kotevi Kei.

The Koteosa Kei has a colorful look with elegant and showy clothes along the lively and happy songs. In growing expansion, Koteosa Kei is one of the most popular genres in the Visual Kei and represents a portion of fans that see represented themselves on the joy and purity of the letters that talk about overcoming, love and friendship.

Artists and songs featured Koteosa Kei are "Virus", "Mikansei Sapphire" and "Gokusaishiki Castle" by Lolita 23q. "Melody", "Cubic" and "Parade" by Ayabie.

"Punky Heart", "Oh My Juliet" and "John" by LM.C.

If you enjoy a colorful visual and happy songs, if you want to go out singing and jumping around the house, if you wish dancing alone when no one is looking, Koteosa Kei genre is perfect for you, a musical style that highlights the good and fun side of life.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

Karen K. Kremer

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