Oshare Kei

Color and Joy: Oshare Kei

After a walk through the dark world of Eroguro Kei, this time our stop is in the most lively and colorful genre of Visual Kei, the Oshare Kei.

Oshare Kei means "fashion style" in Japanese and gained popularity after 2002 with the fall of the popularity of Kote Kei and their subdivisions. Are bands with a cheerful and childish sound, with lyrics about subjects like high school and teens situations.

This strand of Visual Kei is influenced by the already discussed Shiro Kei, subgenre of Kote Kei. However, rather than be restricted to focus on the colorful and festive look, Oshare Kei extends their appearance to their music. Although the music side has recently welcomed more pop musicians, a lot of Oshare Kei is composed of a mixture of hard rock with punk rock, but it is not unusual to find dance influences, techno and even jazz.

Some of the major bands and genre songs are "Natsu Koi ★ Natsu Game", "Escapism" and "Smile Ichiban Ii Onna" by An Cafe; "SweeToxic", "B.A.B.Y." and "Gr8 Story" by SuG; "Karasu Tama" by Milphinne; "Yokohama Love Story" by Charlotte and "Sakura Seven" by Irokui.

Oshare Kei is one of the Visual Kei genre fastest growing currently, characterized by an optimistic and positive rock with artists that highlight their cute, bright and colorful life aspects.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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