Taken Your Ears


In January, Liam Neeson returned to finish what he started... and in Taken 3, Bryan Mills distributes punches, shots and kicks to the sound of French composer Nathaniel Mechaly, author of the soundtrack of the trilogy written by Luc Besson.

Having composed 23 tracks, which also have the contribution of the soprano Gaelle Mechaly, English indie rock band Glass Animals, multi-instrumentalist Ólafur Arnalds (feat. Dan Arnór) and the English indie pop band The XX. The soundtrack of Taken 3 follows a single melody that matches the pace of the film's action.

This time with a murder in the family and being pursued by the police, Bryan Mills is accompanied by a softer and more dramatic musical score of which brightens the scenes with its spectacular chords. 

With Forest Whitaker's addition to the cast of Taken 3, the score also focuses on the music dedicated to scenes of Franck Dotzler, as the unforgettable "Dotzler Inspector" and "Fourth Yogurt from the Back."

The Bryan Mills family is not the only thing that the film takes, but the Taken 3 soundtrack also takes our ears. So take some time to enjoy this valuable score.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen

Karen K. Kremer

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