The contemporaneity of Christians Traditional Hymns

The contemporaneity of Christians Traditional Hymns

The hymnal is part of the Christian church tradition from the beginning, whether Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant, Christian churches have a musical culture that protects their memory.

Within this scenario, many of these traditional songs are still popular today. Singers and bands bring them in new musical genres or shed root collections that bring these songs in their original musical forms.

"God of Our Fathers", by Daniel C. Roberts and George W. Warren nineteenth century, as well as "Go, Tell it on the Mountain" by John Wesley Work Jr., "Safe in the Arms of Jesus", by Fanny Jane Crosby and William Howard Doane and "Jesus Paid it All", by Elvina Mabel Hall and John Thomas Grape are some examples of songs that linger in Christian churches.

Singers such as Michael W. Smith, Mandisa, TobyMac, Amy Grant and others periodically launch music collections or individual songs from certain albums that are part of traditional hymnals Christian, which makes for a rereading of his musical style of the early Christian church.

With a memoirist tradition, the Christian church seeks to preserve and spread its culture in this way, music is no different. Religious leaders and musicians continue with the maintenance of these songs for convey this Christian music culture to new generations.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

Karen K. Kremer

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