The New Age of Christian Music


A few decades ago, it was unthinkable that Christian electronic music would be playing in the pulpit of Protestant churches. The rigorous and careful character of traditional hymns, were previously only performed with the use of traditionalist’s instruments and without extravagance, like the piano and the guitar.

However, with the arrival of the 2000s, Christian music evolved. The first remixes emerged in the 90s, it was only a decade later that they started to become popular among Christians musicians and their audience.

Musical groups such as the British dance group LZ7, the US band Press Play and Family Force 5 and the DJs of Capital Kings have dominated the Christian music charts everyday and they are gaining more fans and recognition within Christian music.

With this technical breakthrough, the introduction of traditional hymns played on electronic beats or other genres such as rock, pop or metal, now appear in Protestant services, creating a new generation of musicians and singers in dialogue with the technology that makes worship services.

Traditional hymns like "When The Saints Go Marching In," "Oh Happy Day", "Above All," "Agnus Dei", among others, are now reproduced in various genres, pleasing both Christians and non-Christians.

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen  

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