The Revolution of TV Series Music

The boom of the modern TV series was in the year 2000. With so many new platforms and technologies, film isn't unique.  We now have television, and not just talk shows, soap operas, reality shows and others, but something more powerful... TV series.

In the beginning, TV series focused on family dramas with a sweet and almost hidden instrumental music, but after Prison Break (2005) everything changed. The dark and intense music of composer Ramin Djawadi created an evolution of  the TV series soundtrack.   The music became more intense and audible for the people, who do not just care about the plot of TV series, but the soundtrack too.

An icon in the revolution of TV series music is the American composer Dave Porter, who wrote the opening theme of the most epics and popular TV series of today: Breaking Bad, The Blacklist and Better Call Saul.

Ok, but what do these songs have different from other soundtracks?  This music marks the transformation of the TV series from something soft and in our daily lives, to genres of thriller, action and drama. The power of  the TV series is not just in the story anymore, but also with an unforgettable soundtrack.  

May the Force be with you, ladies and gentlemen Karen K. Kremer

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